Text Box: Volume 8  Issue 2
Text Box: December 2006
Text Box: Oglebay Woodcarvers Guild   Wheeling, WV
Text Box: 2007 Annual Show and Sale at Oglebay Park, Pine Room will be held Sat., Sun. 
September 1 & 2.
Text Box: Editor
Joseph J. (Joe) Hodorowski
56061 Governor Drive 
Bellaire, Ohio 43906
E-Mail jhodo5@comcast.net

Meetings/Carving Sessions
All Monday evenings 6PM-9PM.
All Thursday mornings 9AM-12PM.
(All gathering sessions closed on Stifel Center Holidays)
Dues  $5.00 per year.

President-Clark Adams
V. President-Tom Habenicht
Treasurer-Dan Kerr
Recording Secretary-John Goas
Corresponding Secretary and Publicity-Joe Hodorowski

Board Members
Roger Kratz (1)
Harry Sykes (1)
Jim Showalter (2)
Ed Peyton (3)
Joe Rich (3)

Committee Chairpersons
Annual Show-Clark Adams
Christmas Party- Wilda Brinkmeier
Activities-Harry Sykes
Librarian: Ed Peyton


Oglebay Woodcarvers Guild Chartered in 1976
Text Box:      Please respond to Wilda, with the number of attendees prior to December 14, so enough tables and drinks are available.  
     This year as a special event a beautiful silver bracelet crafted and donated by master jeweler Bob Galbraith, will be raffled to only those in attendance.  This fine bracelet  from Bob, is a thank you for all of the hard work of those who donated carvings for the tree and those in attendance at this friendly gathering.            THANKS BOB!

     We are still accepting ornaments for the Christmas Tree.  As usual we expect at least one well carved ornament from each member for this tree.  Experienced carvers are expected to donate more.  These ornaments can be carved, wood burned, scroll sawn, or machine crafted items.   
     Items to large to fit on the tree will be used as secondary prizes.  Besides the tree, usually 15-18 secondary prizes are raffled.  This way more people have a chance to win something.  
     The tree is on display in the entrance into the Stifel Center, main floor.  
     This raffle will be conducted during the Christmas Party on Monday December 18, as mentioned in the prior article.  
     Reverend Fenton St John, is the carver of this years ornament which graces the top of the Christmas tree.  A staff toting Shepherd is highly appropriate for this season and by a nice gentleman named St. John.  Thanks Reverend.

Donít Forget Dues
     Its time to pay dues for 2007   Dan Kerr, treasurer is accepting all dues both future and those in arrears.  Those who havenít paid dues since 2003 will be dropped from the roster.  To reactivate membership in the Guild, delinquent payments must be made up for the past 3 years ($15.00 max.).  Dues are Text Box: Merry Christmas
     Its that time of year again when we wish all carvers and their families a happy, merry and blessed Christmas.  
     Its also the time for two other events.  The final formal year end meeting and the annual Christmas Party.  
     The year end meeting will be held Monday December 11, during the normal carving session.  Important decisions regarding finances pertaining to support of the area soup kitchens and club officer elections will be made.  Make it a point to attend and take part.  
     The  Christmas Party will be held Monday December 18, starting at about 6PM sharp.  
     The Stifel Center has once again allowed us to host our gathering in the elegant dining room located on the first floor.  
     This is also the evening when the raffle for the carved ornament Christmas Tree and all other major prizes will be conducted.  
      This event is open to all adult members of this guild and their spouses (or friend).  There is no charge.  All we ask is that you  bring some food item (covered dish) to share with others.  Attendance is usually about 55-65 persons.  
     What to bring?  As a suggestion, how about cold cut meat plate, crackers, veggies, hot dish of pasta, sausages, casseroles, desert, candy, etc.  You get the idea.  
     To avoid bringing too much of the same thing and not enough of a variety of foods, it would be helpful if you would contact Wilda Brinkmeier, at 304-547-5395, or see her at the Monday carving sessions to ask what is needed