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Vol.14 Issue 1        April 2012


This rule change (or it should be called an addition to the former rules which were not totally concise) is now presented to every participant with the application to the Annual Labor Day Weekend Show held in the Oglebay Park, Pine Room.

>     Clark Adams, who is the President of this organization as well as Show Chairperson, is responsible for a smooth running affair which must be fair to all involved.  Clark has done a very good job in bringing a lot of artistic carving talent from both the local level and the out of town artists to make our Show one to be proud of.  Rules are made to be upheld, not broken or evaded according to the whims of an individual. 

     A basic summation of the rules are: All displays must remain up until 5 PM Sunday.  Local exhibitors can pack their carvings after 5 PM but LOCAL members must not leave until all out of town exhibitors are out the door and away, they have longer distance to travel.  Local carvers who break the rules will not be invited back.  Please be considerate of others.  It only takes a short time to help get the non-local carvers on their way. 

     The other rules are: no craft items on tables, they must be at least 75% carved or wood burned.  No wood turnings unless carved after turning.  Vendor fees of $10.00 apply to any carving supply sales such as knives, patterns, wood, etc. if you wish to sell.  All table assignment are final no switching locations without approval of Clark Adams.


Belatedly we received a letter outlining the work of club member John Tomaszewski, for The Boy Scouts of America, Mountaineer Area Council, inc # 615, located in Fairmont WV.  This event of helping the scouts by John, was a summer camp instruction in the basics of carving; that is instruction in knives, sharpening stones, and raw materials.  John also instructed the Scouts instructor Chris Reynolds in actual carving basics.

This thank you letter was addressed to Leonard Subasic praising the work that John did and the date of the event was the summer of 2003.

     This old letter was signed by Allen Embrey, Summer camp Program Director and it was a copy of the one sent in 2003 with a note attached with some photos of the scouts carving at this camp.  Some of the photos are now in our picture albums.  Better late than never.  Way to go John. 

(To view the photos see librarian Joan Nugent)



All Monday evenings 6PM-9PM.
All Thursday mornings 9AM-12PM.
(All gathering sessions closed on Stifel Center Holidays)

Dues $5.00 per year.


The purpose for which the Guild is organized is to promote the appreciation and art of woodcarving through instruction, exhibitions and demonstrations.


President - Clark Adams
Vice President - Duke Jordan
Treasurer - Duke Jordan
Recording Secretary- Renda Muklewicz
Corresponding Secretary and Publicity - Joe Hodorowski

Board Members:
Kelly Dague
Joe Rich
Joan Nugent
Frank Bulian
Jim Showalter

Committee Chairpersons:
Annual Show-Clark Adams
Christmas Party-Wilda Brinkmeier
Honorary with: Sue Mozena Anna Swearingen
Librarian: Joan Nugent

Newsletter Editor:
Joseph J. (Joe) Hodorowski
56061 Governor Drive
Bellaire, Ohio 43906
E-Mail: jhodo5@comcast.net

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