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Vol.9 Issue 2


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The annual end of the year Holidays will soon be upon us as will the cold snow.

I and the entire group of Guild officers and Board members wish to extend to all of the membership and families good wishes and good health for all three of the Holidays.


The Woodcarvers Guild Annual Christmas gathering for dinner and Christmas tree raffle drawing will be held Monday December 17, at 6 PM sharp in the Stifel Dining Room.

This is open to all adult members and their spouses (or friend).

This event is free except each member is expected to provide a “covered dish” to share.

The Christmas tree raffle will be conducted after the meal. All members who will attend must contact Wilda Brinkmeir, at 304-547-5395, or see her at one of the Monday carving sessions. The dish choices are entrees, salads, dessert or other. Please get with Wilda ASAP.


We are still collecting ornaments to put on the tree that will be raffled at the dinner.

All members are expected to participate by donating some nice ornaments for this tree. These ornaments can be carved, painted, scroll sawn, lathe turned or hand crafted (also gift cards are also accepted). We are in need of some larger nice ornaments that will not fit on the tree but will be raffled separately as minor prizes so we can have more winners.

Tickets are available at the club room.


Are your dues up to date for 2007 and prior years??? Soon it will be 2008, a new year and the $5.00 bill for the year will be seeking its new home with Dan Kerr, Guild Treasurer.


Keith Alexander, James L. Ball, Jack Clark, R. Gary Clark, Chien Florio, Mary Jo Ford, Gene Francis, Harrison W. Frey, Jeffery D. Givens, Bill Gouirand, Bob Hanes, Mike Halligan, Jo Hoselton, Edward H. Jones, Donald N. King, Marylyn Kushner, Ronald L. Lennex, Eddie McDonald, Mary and William Mentzer, Keith Miller, Steve Nardi, Michael Nicholson, Robert Neeper, Ray Patterson, Carol Perry, Ron Pickens, Richard Pierce (Jr), George Predragovich, Tom Roberts, Patty Sargent, Glenn Wheaton, Allen Williams, and Mary Beth Yocum. If an error exists please let Dan Kerr or Joe Hodorowski know.

Those persons who have not been in attendance for 9 months or more will be dropped from the active roster and mailing list.

Note: Check your mailing label when you receive your newsletter. At the top is a number (07 or other) which indicates the year to when your dues are paid, if in arrears you may be dropped from the future mailings. This is an indication that you are no longer interested in the Oglebay Woodcarvers Guild so there is no reason to spend stamps to keep you informed. Soup kitchens can better use the dollars. (X means honorary).

Further: Please keep me informed of address or E-mail changes. To change or add E-mail send to me at JHODO5@COMCAST .NET


The final Guild quarterly and formal meeting for the year 2007 will take place December 10 at approximately 7:30PM in the club room.

This is an important meeting due to the agenda for the operation of this Woodcarvers Guild. On tap is the election of Board members only for 2008. The present officers, per the bylaws, will serve until the end of 2008 (every 2 years).

The agenda also includes the determination of treasury funds that will be directed toward the Soup Kitchens/Pantries and to the Stifel Center. These funds were derived by the participating members who devoted their time and talents during the Annual Show and Sale in the Pine Room, and also from the sale of tickets for the Christmas Tree raffle project including working during the Oglebayfest in early October.

The election this year for the Board of Directors (3 year terms) will be for 1 office only. That office will be for the office presently held by Jim Showalter. For a listing of those guiding this non-profit carving organization see thebottom of this web-based newsletter.

Your attendance and participation is needed and welcomed for this important meeting.


The 28th Annual Show and Sale held on the two day Labor Day weekend was a huge successful venture thanks to the members who helped!

It is estimated that about 1800-2000 folks passed through the doors of the Pine Room in Oglebay Park to see all of the fine works of art that were formed after the chips were removed. A pat on the back to those who participated by displaying and also to those who came to just help out.

A special thanks is extended to Mr. Herb Johnson, a friend of this Guild who displays his lifelike birds every year during our show. Herb appeared on KDKA-TV, Pittsburgh, PA, prior to our show. In the long interview segment about Herbs skills (of which he has many) he helped us by “plugging” our Woodcarvers Show in Wheeling. As a result we had a number of visitors from the big city. Thanks a million Herb!

The other event that required manpower was the Oglebayfest held for 3 days starting October 4th. During this Oglebay Park event we as a participating group are honored and allowed some tent space to display our Christmas Tree with all of the hand carved ornaments. Chances are sold during this time for the raffle that will take place December 17 after the club's Christmas dinner in the Stifel Center. This project is labor intense but rewarding with a lot of fun with those in attendance for this fete. Meeting many out the of town people make for a very interesting and happy time. Some from very far places and countries.

Those who helped to make this a successful venture were Jim Showalter, Duke Jordan, Ed Peyton and Joe Hodorowski, who transported and erected the tree. Later the following spent many hours selling tickets, some came all 3 days. They were new members Fred and Vicki Logsdon, Director, Frank Bulian; President Clark Adams, Trudy and Charles Heffelfinger. Other who helped included Joe Romanyak, Milt and Joan Nugent, Betty Flanagan, Joyce Butts and observer Glenn Wheaton. Thanks to all who helped and also enjoyed the weather and all of the Park events.

If you didn't help you also missed all of the other activities in the Park. Besides the nice mention of the Labor Day weekend carving show by Herb Johnson on KDKA-TV, we had some very nice coverage by the Martins Ferry, Ohio Times Leader newspaper with photos and stories by reporter Kim Loccisano for three days prior to the show. Kim even came to our carving session to obtain fresh photos and a story. Say thanks to her if you see her.

The coverage we received from Kim far exceeded any thing that the two Wheeling newspapers provided. In fact they received the same information from me but no story appeared. Don’t they know Wheeling is where this organization is located??


Your thoughts, prayers and cards would be welcomed by a number of the members who are experiencing health problems during this Christmas season.

If you are so inclined, say a prayer for those who are suffering. A card of remembrance to these members would be welcomed. Simply your reminiscing about their past involvement would be helpful to you and those around you. and may even bring a smile to your face.

Some of those who are experiencing illness both major and in some cases just temporary set backs include: Sam DeFillippo, John Gorrell, Wilmer Hibbits, Jim Seamon, Jack and Shirley Luttig, Ollie Jackson, Stan Ruminski, Jim Showalter, and Betty Flanagan.

This is the short list. There may be more who are not known. SO from those who are reading this newsletter to those who are ill we say: YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!


This past August, a very successful class in woodburning was conducted by Tom Clark. Harry Sykes supplied the wood panels to burn pictures of animals and scenes.

Those who participated were members Kelli Dague, Betty Flanagan, Pat Burkle, Duke Jordan, Jim Maggi, Renda Muklewicz and Joyce Butts. All participants were impressed by Tom Clark’s woodburning skills learned by his practice, practice and more practice.

Thanks Tom!

Another carving class started October 8, for experienced carvers is still in progress. This is a deep relief of a scene titled Cabin in the Woods. This the second group to do this scene.

Clark Adams and Duke Jordan are working together as instructors. The seven member students involved are: Joan Nugent, Milt Nugent, Pete Conklin, Charles Heffelfinger, John Tomaszewski, Tom Clark and Glenn Wheaton.

The total cost was $5.00 and the club wood was planed and cut to size by Joe Hodorowski. If anyone would like to volunteer their time to teach a class in anything please contact Clark Adams, Duke Jordan or Harry Sykes.


  • We received a thank you note from the state of West Virginia for our participation in the West Virginia Welcome Center at I-70 Dallas Pike WV day celebration held June 20.
  • Jim Showalter was the lone guild member who participated. Thanks a million Jim.
  • In a correction to the last newsletter: The DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution), Wheeling chapter donated $35.00 to the guild in memory of Moe Mozena. Thank you.
  • A 40.00 check was received for the Guild treasury from the Home of the Good Shepherd as payment for a large quantity of cutouts made by members for use by the residents of the home.
  • Ron Pickens obtained a number of items from E.O.R.H (East Ohio Regional Hospital) and Gwynn Advertising for use as items that were raffled free to those attending the Labor Day weekend show dinner held Saturday evening at Undos Restaurant. Thanks Ron.
  • Phil Maxwell donated another Christmas tree to the club.
  • Sam DeFillippo made a monetary donation to the club.
  • Harry Sykes donated wood and leather strips, Joe Rich assembled them as sharpening strops that were given out during the show.
  • Jim Seamon donated his tools to the club since he is no longer able to carve. The tools were raffled, we had six winners and the treasury gained again.
  • Frank Bulian carved the Christmas tree top for this year. The nice Angel will shine from its high perch.
  • Bob Galbraith, a friend of carvers will once again donate a silver bracelet that will be offered as a free raffle to some lucky winner who attends the Christmas Party on December 17.
  • Harry Sykes took the time to supply the club with a large bag of cutouts for the club.
  • Joe Rich always donates various items from wood to cutouts.
  • Glo-Tone Cleaners, Inc and Spic and Span Dry Cleaners, both located on National Road took the time to announce our show on their outdoor Marquee.

So its THANKS, THANKS AND MORE THANKS to all as listed above.

  • During the Show it was nice to see some of our absent members who dropped by to say hello. Some for various reasons still maintain an interest but limit their carving challenges. Those seen include: Stan and Molly Ruminski, Bill Starrett, Glenn Cashdollar, Bob Haines, John Pobicki, Glenn Kinsey, Carol Perry, Virginia Subasic and family and Wayne Yoka.
  • No new members were added to the roster since last July.
  • Since the work started on this newsletter the Christmas tree was erected in the lobby area of the Stifel Center on the first floor. Stop by and have a look. There is still a lot of space for your ornaments. Thus far we have 10 other stand alone prizes that give more people a chance to win something from this raffle. Tickets are still available in the club room.
  • Those members who helped me in putting the tree together and hanging the ornaments were Duke Jordan, Renda Muklewicz Joe Rich and Ron Pickens who had the nerve racking chore of attempting to figure out the lighting scheme. After about an hour or more of time it was decide to just add a new string of lights. The hanging of ornaments was headed by tall Tom Clark who did the top ones and by Clark Adams and Duke who handled the rest.
  • Word was received about the sudden death of Rick Lipinski, of Benwood. Rick died at age 57 of a massive heart attack. Rick’s, association with this club came through Joe Rich who was a neighbor. The last load of basswood that we bought came from Rick’s saw.
  • I also personally purchased some nice Oak lumber to make a small table that now graces my kitchen. I also bought some Elm and some other hard wood.
  • An article in the Wheeling newspaper detailed an October exhibit at the Francis Creative Arts Center in New Martinsville, WV by Wetzel County artist and Guild member John Tomaszewski. John, is also a member of a newly established carving group in New Martinsville where he resides. This group is named the River City Carvers. John is by education is a guidance counselor at Magnolia High School. Besides being a talented carver he also has played the piano as entertainment during a past Oglebay Woodcarvers Christmas party. According to John he owes his carving talents to his wife Linda who keeps an eye on him so his ego stays in balance. Way to go John !!!
  • Thanks go out to the following out of the area show exhibitors who donated items for our Christmas Tree raffle and some even bought tickets. They include Ray Thurston, Lester and Sally Powers, Bill Callahan, Richard Kent, and Charles and Betsy Leeper.


All Monday evenings 6PM-9PM.
All Thursday mornings 9AM-12PM.
(All gathering sessions closed on Stifel Center Holidays)

Dues $5.00 per year.


President-Clark Adams
Vice President-Duke Jordan
Treasurer-Dan Kerr
Recording Secretary-Tom Habenicht
Corresponding Secretary and Publicity-Joe Hodorowski

Board Members;
Jim Showalter (1)
Ed Peyton (2)
Joe Rich (2)
Harry Sykes (3)
Frank Bulian (3)

Committee Chairpersons:
Annual Show-Clark Adams
Christmas Party-Wilda Brinkmeier
Activities-Harry Sykes
Librarian: Ed Peyton

Newsletter Editor:
Joseph J. (Joe) Hodorowski
56061 Governor Drive
Bellaire, Ohio 43906
E-Mail: jhodo5@comcast.net

- END -

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