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Vol.10 Issue 1         July 2008

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Upcoming Events
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Welcome New Members
Big Thanks
Sam DeFillippo
Glen Wheaton
Reverend Jim Seaman
Jack Miller
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Guild Meetings
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ON GOING—Carving of ornaments for the annual Christmas Tree Raffle.

Formal Meetings—Held quarterly on the first Mondays of March, June, September, and December.

JULY—Mailing of Woodcarvers Raffle books to local members. This is our chief supporting device to stay solvent and fund club. Do your best to support this Guild.

AUGUST 30 & 31—29’th Annual Show and Sale. Held at Oglebay Park, Pine Room. Hours 10-5 PM both days.

OCTOBER 3,4 & 5
—Oglebayfest celebration in Oglebay Park. A four day opportunity to enjoy the Park and sell raffle tickets on the Christmas Tree with carved ornaments. Benefit Stifel Center and indirectly as thanks for our meeting facilities.

DECEMBER 15—Christmas Dinner followed by Christmas Tree Raffle. Enjoyable social event for adult members.


“THE SHOW” is the short name for our 29’th Annual Oglebay Woodcarvers Show and Sale, which will be held August 30 &31. This is the Labor Day weekend and the site is the Pine Room in Oglebay Park.

Show chairman Clark Adams, says that most of the tables are filled and things are progressing well and publicity for the show now is available for those who can help out by picking up our colorful flyers and signs to place in strategic places, mail to friends, hang in your auto and place in all of the public libraries where we provide CHIP CHAT’S.

We need you to talk it up.

Also Friday August 29, the day prior to the SHOW we need your help to setup tables, chairs, signs, badges, etc and by assisting visiting carvers to their tables by carrying in boxes. Help is also needed at the end of the SHOW to carry out items for the visitors. Please volunteer.

During the SHOW help is also needed to sell raffle tickets, or handle other small duties for the visiting public so we can have a successful event.

A sign up sheet will be available in the club room prior to the SHOW. Besides we all have a good time greeting friends we haven’t seen for a while.

Further: On Saturday evening August 30’th all members with spouses are invited to attend the dinner at Undos in Elm Groove. You do not need to be an exhibitor at the SHOW to attend. The room upstairs is private, the menu is limited but varied, and your cost is by your selections.

This is a nice friendly way to meet other carvers and to participate in a free raffle of some nice prizes during this social time.

After the SHOW closes at 5 PM on Saturday, Undos is the place to be. Dinner should start about 6 PM. A sign up sheet will also be on the club bulletin board, reservations are required.


We once again welcome some new member to our group. Please help those who are new to carving and say thanks to those who are experienced we can all learn something new.

Say welcome to:

J. E. Dearth, DVM Wheeling Nov ‘07
Jan Middleton, Wheeling Jan ‘08
Susan Dorsch, St Clairsville, Jan ‘08
Kevin Cecil, Belmont, OH Jan ‘08
Gary Zearott, Wheeling, Mar ‘08
Amber Dawn, Wheeling, Mar ‘08
Dave Milovac, Bellaire, Apr ‘08
Tony Luskoski, Washington, May ‘08
Thomas J. Powers, Newell, WV May ‘08


Yes a big thank you to the many generous carvers who take out some frustrations on wood but who give of their heart to others in this organization.

Thanks to all of the carvers who helped with the Christmas tree carving and sale of raffle tickets in 2007.

Fifty (50) members and visiting carvers carved 237 ornaments to produce 20 prizes for a dollar amount of $2321.00, which was given to the Stifel Fine Arts center for children's programs.

Thanks to Ed Dearth DVM, for his cash donation to the club treasury for assistance in carving.

Thanks to Paul Burig who donated some nice wood, a carving arm and magazines to the guild since he was relocating to the Columbus area.

Thanks to Bob Galbraith for his donation of a silver bracelet. To Chuck Kline for his donation of a bottle of wine in a Christmas basket. All for the Christmas Party free raffle. Frank Bulian won the bracelet and Sharon Wetzel, guest won the wine. Thanks also to John Tomaszewski for the entertainment on the piano with Christmas music during the dinner.

Thanks to Chick Gosney for his donation of a large number of old carving and wood working magazines. These are recycled at the SHOW by selling for .25 cents each. We always sell out. Other people have also donating a small amount to this growing stack.

Thanks to Alvin Shafer for taking the time to produce a large amount of excellent cutouts for the residents of the Home of the Good Shepard facility.

Thanks to Harry Sykes for his supply of carving cutouts to the guild. Note that one is marked up as a guide please do not remove but use to mark up your selection. The selection contains dogs, seals and boots.

Thanks to Gary Harvey who delivered a number of walnut and butternut logs donated by a past member who left the area. The logs have sealed ends to prevent splitting and are of various diameters and lengths. If you have use for this type of material and can saw it please contact Joe Hodorowski.

Thanks to Susan Dorsch, a new member who is an experienced power carver and is donating her time and experience to teach others in power carving and painting. Susan was instructed by Rosalyn Daisey, a well know bird power carver. The project is of a small colorful bird and some of those who completed their birds are very nice. Fred Logsdon is also involved by donating Tupelo wood for this project. Joe Hodorowski did the cutouts.

Thanks to Clark Adams and to Duke Jordan for sharing their time and experience in an earlier seminar class in deep relief carving

Thanks to Renda Muklewicz for her donation of an alphabet and number set to be used for wood burning.
Finally thanks to all who participate and give of themselves to this club so all may share in good will and carving friendships.


We have nice folks who join, are enthused to start or learn carving, and become active members, then something happens and they disappear.

What happened??

In some cases work schedules, illness or other things take precedence and the enthusiasm fades. We know from our experience that continuity is extremely important, be it carving, other clubs or other endeavors. Attendance on a continuing basis is necessary to achieve success.

Once in a while, we would like to see you before we forget your name. We know gasoline prices are high but we are saving the Polar Bears.

John Gorrell who is very ill does attend once in a while. He came with Tom Roberts who limited his carving and is now carving out the fruit of the vine (wine making). John stopped by also in March. He always enjoyed all of the sessions but now due to his health his travel is limited.

Our friend and member from Nova Scotia, Canada, Mike Nicholson has been here twice since this newsletter was last published. On his last visit May 22, Mike donated a nice duck carving for the Christmas tree raffle. This ‘Preening Old Squaw” becomes prize # 3, for the 2008 drawing.

Columbus (Worthington, OH) resident Keith Miller stopped by in May to pay his dues, his show table fee and to socialize. He also informed us he will be relocating to Wheeling later this year.

Others who have paid a visit from time to time after some long absences were Vince Schwenk, Chick Gosney, Jon Hess, Donna Turley, and Dick Pierce,


Occasionally a member will bring in one of their projects to share with the group. Recently Vince Schwenk, New Eagle, PA brought in his large heart shaped bowl.

This 5 year project was hewn from an attractive wood burl that we could not identify but some believed to be Maple. The size was 8” diameter x 15” wide x 13” wide, finished with a Rosewood stain and tung oil finish. Vince used a radial arm saw to slice out the interior and mallet and gouge to rough out then smaller tools to provide a satin smooth finish.

Joe Whitmore, Bloomingdale, OH, when able to attend does a lot of his carving at home. When he walks in he always brings in a new creation. I know that a picture is in store so my camera is on auto.

Another individual who frequently show us his latest framed carving, is the pride of St Clairsville, Frank Bulian. Frank’s carvings are of the large size probably because Frank is a large man and can handle this size better than most. His chips are used by others to produce miniatures. I think!!

Soon we will be seeing and photographing some newly carved and colored song birds courtesy of the class taught by Susan Dorsch, St Clairsville.

The first class was started in February with a limited number of participants due to a limited supply of power carving tools. Then Susan suspended the work for health reasons and lack of proper wood.

Upon her return, wood and tool problems were solved and the teaching began in earnest with a number of new students.

One of the first completed birds was by Fred Logsdon, Washington, PA. Presently Harry Sykes, Duke Jordan, Joyce Butts, Tony Luskoski, and a few others are working on their birds. The surprise is in waiting to see the finished products.



Sam DeFillippo
79 of Wheeling, WV., died March 11, 2008, at home.
That is what is listed in the newspaper about a good man who was also a member of this carving group. The obit further gives the other pertinent facts about birth place, relatives, etc. The tombstone will read:


As I’ve seen on a forward in my e-mail it’s the dash that is important. The dash represents all of the days that Sam lived and conducted his life. The dash brings back certain memories to me for the short time that I knew Sam.

His dash with me started the day he walked into the carvers club room. It was announced that he was a new carving member and was a principle at Wheeling Park High School. I was shocked because Sam looked more like the local Italian street person rather than an ex-principle. He was short, long ponytail, ball cap on his head and generally in unkempt clothing. I later found out that this was Sams usual way to shock people with his humorous personality.
Sam was a very knowledgeable and generous man who was not prone to anger or violence.

Personally he was a mentor to me; our religious and political talks were inspiring. He gave me small items, books, mementoes, candy, encouragement and most of all cherished memories.

Most of the Thursday morning carvers were well acquainted with the mischievous side of Sam, especially Ed Peyton. Sam loved to shock and “put Ed on” by starting “left field” conversations or showing up in an orange shirt, green shorts, red ball cap and bright purple tennis shoes. This was just one example of that dash in Sam’s life.

Every Thursday Sam was the member who lunched with us at Perkins Restaurant. The waitress always brought a large supply of lemons for our water glass. Any lemons left in the dish were given to Sam who “scarfed” down what was left. Watching him made our face pucker.
Sam was highly regarded, he was knowledgeable and loved by friends even though he enjoyed throwing people off track and teasing.

Sam did not desire any fan-fare after his death so his wishes were respected by his wife Mary Lou and a showing was non-existent. However later Mary Lou held a small memorial for Sam and his close friends were invited to attend. Thanks to Mary Lou I was privileged to be invited to both the solemn service at the Cemetery Chapel and later to a luncheon along with a few other carvers.

After the luncheon we all were privileged to hear about the many dashes of Sam’s life during his school years, his vacation trips and his moonlight job as a repo man. Yes repo as in picking up cars for non payment. Sam was the wheel man. This was a perfect fit for Sam as he loved the unusual.

After a delicious lunch meal Sam’s friends, one by one approached the microphone to fill in many more humorous and serious aspects of Sam’s life.

Probably Sam did not desire this tribute but I’m sure he enjoyed looking down to relive and laugh with us as we all described the many happy times spent in the company of a good Christian human being.

Sam in the last years of his life suffered much and was loved and cared for by his wife Mary Lou and by the many caregivers whom he befriended.

Goodbye Sam and thanks for spending some of the dashes of your life with us. May God Bless you.

-- Joe Hodorowski and friends.

It’s hard to understand why people are taken from us, but find comfort in knowing you were a special part of a well lived life.


82, of Moundsville, peacefully passed from this life on Monday
November 26, 2007.

Again the cold informational facts of a mans life listed in the newspaper. There is a lot more to a human beings time on this earth. There is the friendships generated during that span of 82 years.

Glenn was an avid carver and a member since 2002. During that time we have numerous memories of the associations and friendship he generated among those who sat at his usual table space.

We remember the times when he would shut down his hearing aid (so we thought) when grumbling arose that he spread out into the aisle too far or used too much table space. Glenn had his own mind in associations with others.

We remember the loud, friendly, and heated discussions between Glenn and Frank Bulian. These discussions ranged from carving; to Glenn's Florida experiences; politics and anything that came to mind. Those within hearing enjoyed the exchanges.

We are missing all of the new carvings that Glenn brought in each week for a photo shot. We think he spent most of each day carving from the quantity that he produced.

Since Glenn left our premises things are now less exciting. He is probably in discussions with St Peter or Woody Hayes.


95,of St Clairsville died January 18, 2008.

Another carving member who joined us in 2002, has passed on, but leaving behind a memory of a quiet, peaceful man that simply by his demeanor brought out respect in the most impolite person.

James, was a minister for almost 40 years in various states. Upon his retirement he came back to near his home town of Wheeling.


Jack of Munroe Falls, Ohio was an honorary member of this guild due to his consistent attendance as an exhibitor at our Carving Show.

He and his wife always were located near the side exit door in the Pine Room. Jack was the carver who produced a large variety of lamps and small jewelry which he offered for sale.

Illness prevented him from attending for the last few years after being a strong fixture for as long as I can remember. He is missed.


  • A number of carvers across the country must be looking at our new web site: (www.oglebaywoodcarvers.com). We have received some correspondence requesting membership and or a club patch.

    Carving Magazine, issue # 22, Summer 2008, page 78, shows our club logo with a short history about this organization which must have been gleamed from our web site. Also Col. John Rhodes, Paducah, KY and Ed Dinges, Missoula, MT, purchased our guild patch.

    Since then Ed Dinges and I have been in communication via the internet as we forward info. Ed lives in western Montana and belongs to the a carving club with about 34 members. Their show takes place May 3 & 4 and they draw carvers from Washington and the surrounding area. Ed is a healthy, 69 year old retired Navy man with 25 years of service.

  • Moundsville Penitentiary was once the place where we spent the weekend of May 17 and 18 for the annual Elizabethtown Festival. The sight of razor wire attracts people to this place but no one buys—perhaps they shop lift, after all this place held some of the worst criminals and murderers.

    Those who displayed carvings and other things included Frank Bulian, Pat Burkle, Duke Jordan, Joe Hodorowski, Harry Sykes, Joe Rich Bev Beatty and the Nugent's, Milt and Joan.

  • Fred Logsdon will do the honors this year by carving the tree top angel for the Christmas tree. Way to go Fred.

  • The huge Dayton Show will be held this year November 8 & 9. The trip to see this one is worth the time. Most of the nationally known carvers are represented. Last years cost for 6 members was $34.00 each.

  • We received two letters from the Chartiers-Houston Community Library, Houston, PA thanking us for providing them with a continued subscription to CHIP CHATS magazine.

    Ms Linell A. Mankey, Director, also invited any carver to display their carvings in a special case for the enrichment of the public. Please contact Ms. Mankey if you reside in this area. I once displayed at the Bellaire Public Library and it was a pleasant experience.

    Your local library would probably welcome an offer to display your carvings—if they have a glass case. Contact them, as you know we provide subscriptions to 13 libraries where our members reside in the tri-state area. We have them all covered.

  • Thanks go out to Betzy and Duke Leeper, Acme, Pa who exhibit at our SHOW, for their cash donation to our club project of financially helping out the eleven soup kitchens.

  • Thanks to our out of town SHOW exhibitors, Ray Thurston, Herb Johnson, Lester Powers, Richard Kent, John Pobicki, and Duke and Betzy Leeper for providing some very nice carvings for our Christmas tree project.

    We look forward to seeing them once again during this coming Labor Day weekend.

  • Word is out that we will see bird carver and friend Herb Johnson as a spectator rather than a participant this year—he is retiring from shows. We will miss you Herb.

  • A few notes from last years Christmas tree ornament drive comes to mind. Despite a slow start the carvers came through with a large number of participants and ornaments. Kelli Dague, again sold a large number of raffle tickets—$103.00 worth.

  • We had some brand new members donate ornaments. Donna Turley, Renda Muklewicz, Joyce Butts, Fred Logsdon, and Dave Romanyak sacrificed some of their early carvings—thanks.

  • As mentioned earlier in this publication, Librarian Ed Peyton, is accepting donations of old wood carving or woodworking magazines that we sell for .25 cents at the SHOW. Before you throw them away bring them in. Additionally make arrangements with your local library to give you their old CHIP CHATS magazine before they toss them out. I already do this in Bellaire.

  • Speaking of magazines besides CHIP CHATS there are two national carving publications that contain patterns, ideas, carving tips and techniques. They are CARVING MAGAZINE and CARVING ILLUSTRATED; our club library has copies for loan—see Ed Peyton, or subscribe your self.

    The May-June 2008, issue of CHIP CHATS includes pictures and report of our last years 2007 Labor Day Show. A copy is available for loan from Ed Peyton.

  • While looking through some of the old magazines in our library room I came across a January-February 1987, issue of CHIP CHATS which gave a report of Smoking Wood Carving Club (now gone) of Steubenville, OH which was held at the Fort Steuben Mall. Photos and names listed some of our former members or friends. Listed were Ernie DiCocco, Leonard Subasic, Harry Ameredes, Hershel Westbrook, Dick Belcher, and Dick Traczyk. Ahaa the pleasant memories.

  • If you have an address or E-mail change please let me (Joe Hodorowski) know via mail or E-mail.

    Also if you wish not to receive any E-mail notices about important club activities, I send out, let me know.

  • Treasurer Dan Kerr, has under his control and hidden from view many carving items of interest that are for sale. Most members are aware of this fact but new members need to be informed of this service provided by Dan. Dan is also willing to order special items for any member who requests same.

    He also has easy pay terms for more costly items. Some of the things Dan has for sale include: various knives and knife packs; gouges, both sets and individual; sharpening stones, strops, powders, etc. Many sizes and types of wooden carving plates and various sizes of wood eggs. I’m sure there are many other items he has in his stash, just ask him. Dan is super helpful.

  • We also have high quality tracing (carbon) paper free for the asking, see Ed Peyton.

  • Bass wood, rough cut and planed is available in our “cellar” in various sizes. Wide boards are not readily available so glue up will be required by the buyer. Long boards can be purchased and cut to length.

    Costs are $ 1.00, for rough and $ 1.25 for planed per board foot. This is only for membership purchase.
    Catalpa is available also. There are other chunks of wood suitable for carving or turning in walnut, pine, maple oak, ash, etc.

  • Contact one of the officers or Joe Hodorowski.
    Librarian Ed Peyton has hundreds of hard bound carving books and some magazines in the file cabinets in the back room available for loan. Two week sign out is required with renewal available. Hundreds of pattern copies can be obtained and our copier can reproduce the required pattern desired—just ask.

  • Thanks also go to Joe Rich for his donations of magazines and cutouts of a Santa for the Christmas tree ornament carvers.—See Ed Peyton.

  • Rosalyn (Roz) Daisey, upon special invitation by our power carving member Susan Dorsch was in attendance Monday evening, June 23.

    Roz a well know power carver who specializes in song birds spent the evening with the membership offering information and tips about her specialty. Since most of those who were already carving birds Roz, spent of her time in explaining the detailing the bird beak. Valuable information about the uses of different types of rotary “grinder” bits was explained, such as the use of Ruby Flames for detailing, and the use of “hogging” out bits such as Blue Tungsten for hardwood and the Red Tungsten for Basswood.

    She also sold a number of these bits plus other bird carving items to interested members.

    Roz stated that she had been on the road traveling giving seminars in various states and this was her last stop before going home to Newark, Delaware for a rest.

    A great big thank you to Susan and Roz.


  • Dr. and Mrs. German Ortiz, celebrated their 50’th wedding anniversary, last December. Rev. and Mrs. Fenton St John, celebrated their 60’th wedding anniversary a few years ago.

  • Carver turned wine maker, Tom Roberts, swept the top three places with his Blackberry, Marigold and Wild Elderberry wines in the Brownsville, PA wine tasting event.

  • Member Harrison Frey, was honored as one of the stars, recently during a Wheeling Symphony presentation in remembrance of the old 1936-1944, wildly popular radio show called “It’s Wheeling Steel”. The show was picked up by the Mutual Broadcasting System and than NBC.

    Frey was the tenor on the show , having performed as a regular cast member from 1938 to the show’s final program.
    Harrison was also at the time a crane operator with Wheeling Steel’s Yorkville plant.



All Monday evenings 6PM-9PM.
All Thursday mornings 9AM-12PM.
(All gathering sessions closed on Stifel Center Holidays)

Dues $5.00 per year.



President-Clark Adams
Vice President-Duke Jordan
Treasurer-Dan Kerr
Recording Secretary-Tom Habenicht (Temp. Renda Muklewicz)
Corresponding Secretary and Publicity-Joe Hodorowski

Board Members;
Jim Showalter (1)
Ed Peyton (2)
Joe Rich (2)
Harry Sykes (3)
Frank Bulian (3)

Committee Chairpersons:
Annual Show-Clark Adams
Christmas Party-Wilda Brinkmeier
Activities-Harry Sykes
Librarian: Ed Peyton

Newsletter Editor:
Joseph J. (Joe) Hodorowski
56061 Governor Drive
Bellaire, Ohio 43906
E-Mail: jhodo5@comcast.net

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